10 quick tips to keep clutter out of your new home.

Friday, January 15th, 2021 by Erin Dougherty

Junk in an Empty BedroomMoving is stressful, there are a lot of moving parts, and one of the last things you want to deal with is what to do with all the items you do not want to take with you. We have all moved around and stored items we do not want to throw away, but just do not know what to do with so we just chuck it in the box and lug it around with us until we “figure it out”. So how do you keep from carrying all that junk into your new home?

Check out these 10 quick tips to help you determine what items it is time to get rid of:

  1. You have not used or worn it in the last year.
  2. You are keeping it “just in case”?
  3. It has never been opened.
  4. You forgot you had it.
  5. It was used once and never used again.
  6. You have multiple of the same tool or gadget that does the same job or are rusty. (just keep one that is in good condition)
  7. Items that are in bad shape, tattered, or torn.
  8. Chords or parts and pieces that you have not figured out what they go to in years.
  9. Books, cookbooks, and magazines you read or have not read and are never going to read again.
  10. Outdated body care items, medications, prescription glasses, makeup, nail polish, food or spices, and condiment packets.

Many of these items can be recycled or donated to those who can and will use them, which means they do not need to go in the trash. You may not want to worry about sorting or delivering all your unwanted items to different donation and recycling centers, this is where The Junkluggers of Williamsburg can help! All you have to do is point to the items you don’t want, and our Luggers will haul them away sorting and delivering everything to local donation and recycling centers for you and providing you with a tax-deductible receipt for anything we donate on your behalf.

If you are moving and don’t want to take your junk with you, call The Junkluggers of Williamsburg at 1-844-265-8548 for a free estimate and let us help your junk find a new home too.

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